Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is known to be the main Freshwater Lake in Rwanda with a total area of about 2650 Square Kilometer which makes it to be the country’s largest fresh water lake.  There are 3 resort towns that surround Lake Kive which include; Kibuye, Cyangugu, and Gisenyi. These are not only towns where local people stay, but also are ideal stopover centers for tourists travelling to Nyungwe forest National Park from Volcanoes National Park and back through the same route. The main activity that tourists normally enjoy on this Lake is the boat ride which allows scenic views of the ‘’coffee islands’’, and the small lakeside villages that offer a rewarding glimpse of the rural life and also scenic views of the Nyiragongo Volcano in Congo which is one of the remaining few active volcanoes in the world which last erupted in 2002.

Gisenyi town is the main center in Volcanoes National Park where tourists engage in day excursions. The town is situated on the Northern shores of Lake Kivu thus offering many opportunities for numerous water sports activities.

Kibuye town is situated in the South and has the spectacular grottoes of Nyenji and Kaboza, and also the thermal waters at Nyakabuye. There is also the Rugege Forest which is habituated bymany wildlife and bird species. Gisenyi and Kibuye towns are connected by a wide roller-coaster road that passes through lush plantain fields and relic patches of misty rainforest that offer sweeping views over the shimmering lake.

Lake Kivu also provides the main charter boat service on that connects the three towns. Birdlife around the lakes is very lively and includes large numbers of malachite kingfishers, crowned crane , pelicans and much more.