Mountain Climbing

Open Africa Tours offers an exciting opportunity to combine a 10-day hike to the summit with visits to the mountain gorillas and chimpanzee at lower altitudes.

The Rwenzoris are considered a much more demanding climb than Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya with many of the trails being wet, muddy, and slippery. Treks to suit all levels and needs are available, from one-day excursions in the forest to 10-day treks with technical climbs. Our 17-day Rwenzori & Apes Tour includes an assent beginning from Kilembe town, including a summit of Margherita Peak (weather permitting).

Mt Elgon is considered a good alternative to climbing Rwenzori in Uganda or Kilimanjaro in Tanzania since it offers a milder climate, lower elevation and much more reasonable prices. The full trekking circuit to the peaks takes five days to complete, following either Sasa or Sipi trails. 

Open Africa Tours organises this tour to start from Sipi Falls. Full-board accommodation before and after the trekking is included at the great Sipi River Lodge overlooking one of the many waterfalls. A day of hiking to the falls (1800m) is also included to help you adjust to the altitude and climate. Hence, you will need to allow a total of six days for this option.

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