Gorilla tracking ranks among one of the absolute highlights of a trip to Africa for most travellers, and the spine-tingling feeling that you get being so near to one of our closest relatives is hard to describe.

Mountain Gorillas are one of the world’s most endangered apes. It is estimated that there are only about 880 left throughout the world. Almost half of them can be found in Uganda, and populations can also be found in neighbouring Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • The official price for a gorilla permit in Uganda is $600 per person
  • The price for a gorilla habituation permit in Uganda is $1.500
  • The official price for a gorilla permit in Rwanda is $1.500 per person.

    Gorilla tracking can be done the whole year and is evenly as good. There is no higher or lower success rate in the different seasons (95% guaranteed to see them).

    In rainy season the tracks in the rain forest might be a bit muddier and your tracking might be a bit longer/ tougher because of that. However; it’s a rain forest, so difference is not all that big compared to dry season.

Gorilla permits are very popular and not many permits are available (a total of 80 permits per day in Uganda). The permits get sold out far in advance, especially in high season (June – October + December – February). We advise you to book your tour and your permits far in advance.

NOTE:In all our private tours that are going to Bwindi (gorilla land) the gorilla permit is INCLUDED in the costing. We do however have to check availability before confirming your booking.

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